Sherrifo Konteh was born in 1973  in Brikama, The Gambia. He is the youngest son of the celebrated kora legends, Alhagie Bai Konteh (1920 - 1983) and since the passing of his elder brother, Dembo Konteh in January 2014, is one of his only surviving sons who is still playing and performing the kora. Sherrifo himself now lives on the outskirts of Brikama in a very quiet and peaceful area, ideal for his rehearsing and music-making. His music is highly rhythmic with reminiscences of the Casamance way of playing and his singing is typical of the griot recitative style. He performed for us an upbeat and strident version of Jula Jekeré, which invoked the memory of his great forefathers. 

Sherrifo has worked and performed with many of Gambia’s leading bands and groups over the past 20 years but is now solely pursuing a career as a solo and ensemble traditional musician. He has also toured extensively in Europe giving performances and workshops in universities such as SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), UK and a performance to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen at St Paul’s Cathedral.  He has appeared on BBC television and radio and has released several solo and ensemble albums including; Chesano and Dali Kula. He continues to carry the mantle of his forebears and with him the light shines brightly.

Sherrifo Konteh

(Kora & Voice)


Jula Jekeré performed by Sherrifo Konteh

Recorded 24/05/2014

Brikama, The Gambia

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Interviewed by Tunde Jegede


Brikama, The Gambia

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Alhagie Bai Konteh

Dembo Konteh

Malamini Jobarteh

Lamin Gome

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Dembo Konteh

Malamini Jobarteh

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