Binta Suso was born in 1984 in Bakoteh, Serrekunda, The Gambia. She brings a contemporary feel to the vocal tradition and we hear reminiscences of great African singers such as Miriam Makaeba. It was clear from her performance that she has studied and listened to vocal traditions of the world and these influences have become part of her sound. Binta’s compelling presence arrested us when we first saw her perform and she brings an introspective lyricism to the Jaliya tradition.

Binta is a singer who has travelled internationally as part of her elder brother Sekou Keita’s band. She is the daughter of the internationally renowned kora player, Jali Momodu Suso and singer, Jali Fatou Bintu Cissokho. From an early age Binta was encouraged to sing by her aunty, Adama Cissokho, and learnt much of the traditional repertoire from her and other griots who would visit the family. She has developed into a powerful singer whose unique inflections reflect a musical universality bringing a new accent to the tradition.

Binta Suso



Masane Cissé performed by Binta Suso & Sura Suso

Recorded 31/01/2014

Sanementereng, The Gambia

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Adama Cissokho

Miriam Makaeba


Sekou Keita

Sura Susso