Emidy: He Who Dared To Dream

Emidy: He Who Dared to Dream is a multi-media theatre piece, written and performed by the luminary composer and multi-instrumentalist Tunde Jegede, centred around the extraordinary life and times of the C19 composer and virtuoso violinist, Joseph Antonio Emidy. Chronicling his amazing journey across three continents, the piece retells Emidy’s narrative through imagery, music and text. The piece is an artistic testament to his legacy and gives a unique insight into this historical iconic figure who embraced the worlds of classical, African and South American music well over two hundred years ago.


Tunde Jegede - writer / director / composer
Sunara Begum - film / live visuals
Femi Elufowoju jr. - actor / storyteller
Diana Baroni - voice / flute
Rafael Guel - vihuela / voice / percussion
Simon Drappier - bass / arpeggione