Nomadic Mystics

Led by the composer and producer, Tunde Jegede, the Nomadic Mystics are a unique collective of artists, musicians and singers who create songs that are both timeless and transcendental. Their work is about musical connections between Africa, its Diaspora and indigenous cultures from around the world and they see music as a medium which can bring social cohesion, healing and redemption. Their music is highly original and draws on a diverse range of styles and genres from Jazz, Reggae and Soul to African music. They have a sound that is at once cinematic and uplifting to the spirit.

This is an intimate portrait of Tunde Jegede and the Nomadic Mystics and, through a series of their songs set to imagery, it gives a special insight into the musical and artistic world of this unique group and collective. With cameo performances by Soul Diva, Crystal Night and the infamous Spoken Artist, HKB FiNN, this film presents the heartbeat of their sound and reveals a layer of their mystique.


Featuring: Kasse Mady Diabaté / Cleveland Watkiss / Paul Reid / Wali Cham / Crystal Night & HKB FiNN