String Quartet No. 2

String Quartet No. 2 is a highly rhythmically-driven piece which was inspired by Beethoven's string quartet No.2 which was a major influence on the structure of the piece. Although it follows the same contours and form it is very different in musical style, language and content. This is one of Tunde's most post-modern works to date but one can still hear the broad range of influences and references of traditional and folk music within the piece.  
"I was invited by the Brodsky Quartet to write a piece in response to Beethoven's String Quartet No. 2 as part of their millennium celebration project. But, how does one begin to interact with one of the milestones of the quartet repertoire? Having listened to it numerous times I decided I would follow the same journey of the piece but very much in my own way and language. Where he arrived at a waltz, I came to reggae-influenced rhythmic motif where he extended the parameters of harmonic possibilities of his period I delved into more post-modern harmonic chordal structures. It was amazing how different the pieces turned out yet they are very closely aligned structurally, the more one looks into it in detail. The quartet themselves noticed     this the more they played the pieces alongside one another".       

String Quartet No. 2 was commissioned by the Brodsky Quartet for their Beethoven opus 18 project and premiered at Cabot Hall, London on 10th March 1999. The piece was included as part of their Beethoven opus 18 project and recorded on the Vanguard label and has since been performed at international festivals and concert halls all over the world.

Daniel Rowland - violin I
Ian Belton - violin II
Paul Cassidy - viola
Jacqueline Thomas - cello